Notarial Services EP1 Signature Witnessing

Notarial Services EP1 Signature Witnessing

Signature witnessing is a notarial act which notaries mostly perform. The main responsibility of a notary is to witness signature in order to certify that the signature is scribbled in front of them by a particular person and that it belongs to that person.

The act of signature witnessing only certifies that a signature in a document really belongs to the person who requests for a notarial certificate.

It does not concern the content or message in the document. Therefore, a notary can perform the act of signature witnessing without having to worry about the type of the document.

The only requirement of this type of notarial act is that it must be performed while the document has not been signed in advance, so the notary needs to ask the person requesting for the certificate to only sign the document before their very eyes.

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