About Us

Welcome to Aphiwatlaw, the friendly and efficient legal services provider in Chiang Mai specializing in helping English-speaking clients access professional legal advice, notary services, and robust legal representation in Thai courts if necessary.

Whether you are looking for simple witnessing or verification of documents using our notary services or looking for an English-speaking lawyer in Chiang Mai to fight your case, you will find our team of specialists a pleasure to work with and highly effective in providing you with the outcomes you desire.

We understand that sometimes cases are emotionally difficult or commercially sensitive and that our individual and corporate clients require a complete level of privacy and confidentiality. We also understand that even the action of visiting and employing a lawyer or attorney can be a stressful decision and undertaking. Therefore we offer a home or business visiting service within the Chiang Mai area at no extra charge.

Our Managing Partner Mr. Aphiwat Bualai will be your initial point of contact and will help you to decide the best course of action depending on your case or your documentation requirements. He will then either work with you in person or assign one of our expert associates who specializes in your area of legal need to work with you under his purview.

We are an English-speaking law firm, and all our associates can effectively communicate and translate back and forth between English and Thai in both written and spoken formats.

At Aphiwatlaw, we value all our customers alike regardless of country of origin, and all our fees are at standard Thai rates. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to move forward successfully with your personal or business legal requirements.

The Aphiwatlaw Team

Attorney Aphiwat Bualoi LLB

Aphiwat Bualoi Attorney at law

Our managing Partner Mr. Aphiwat Bualoi LLB received his Batchelor of Law Degree (LLB) from Sukhothai Thammathirat University and is a fully qualified attorney at law (lawyer) accredited by The Law Society of Thailand and licensed to practice law in Thailand. Attorney Bualoi and his team represent clients in criminal, civil, and corporate cases in all courts of law in Thailand.

Having completed a Paralegal Certificate Program with Ohio University in partnership with the Center for Legal studies, USA, allows Mr. Bualoi a profound insight into International business legal norms and practices, as well as those particular to Thailand. This provides a perfect bridge of legal understanding for expatriate individuals and foreign-owned enterprises in Thailand as well as those outside the country wishing to operate in Thailand.

Attorney Bualoi’s experience working as a Paralegal for International Tax Council Ltd of Canada gives him a solid grounding in corporate and tax law, as well as having honed his excellent English language communication skills.

Attorney Bualoi believes it is ethical to only take on cases where he feels there is a reasonable or high likelihood of success. Therefore, you can expect an honest and level-headed assessment when discussing your requirements.

On a personal level, Mr. Bualoi is a Christian, exceptionally good-natured, and enjoys nothing more than meeting and supporting our international clients to achieve their legal objectives in the Kingdom of Thailand.

I have known and worked with Mr. Aphiwat Bualoi for several years. Aphiwat is a man of high character and integrity. He is fluent in English. He is disciplined and organized in his work, and I can recommend his services without reservation.

Michael S. Mesa, Arizona, United States.

Cancel and Refund Policy

Refunds are typically the result of an after-the-fact fee dispute, accounting error, or a statement from the client conveying displeasure with the quality of legal services provided.

            Aphiwat Bualoi Law Office Co., Ltd. processes all written requests for refunds. Our firm will review the entire contents of the client’s physical, electronic, and billing file when processing the request. Within seven (7) days, our firm will send a written response either denying the request, requesting more information, or granting the request. The decision as to the response remains completely within the discretion of the law firm.

            Ultimately, the attorneys and staff at Aphiwat Bualoi Law Office Co., Ltd., would like to avoid the need of ever having to consider a refund. We are always aiming to be as transparent in our representation as possible. So, we encourage our clients to ask their questions or communicate their concerns to our office immediately. We will then try to answer or address immediately. Such a process also permits our firm to continue to grow and improve its services. For example, we may change an internal process or add language to our attorney-client fee agreement to prevent the misunderstanding in the future.