Thailand Notarial Services Attorney System

Several people wonder who is the Notarial Services Attorney and what does it do? And do they act differently with Notary Public or not? And where can I find a person who serves as a Notarial Services Attorney in Thailand? Today we will introduce a notarial Service Attorney.

In multiple countries, a notary public is a specialized lawyer with a license. Who performs work on document certification or testimony in the affidavit. Or giving testimony by swearing The work of a notary public is very helpful when a person gets a document, testimony, or affidavit endorsed by a notary public. The person will accept the document as genuine. Because it is certified by a licensed agent who guarantees the document The notary public is recognized by the government and government agencies.

In Thailand, the Lawyers Council has announced the regulations of the Lawyers Council on Attorneys register, certified signatures and documents B.E. 2551 by attorneys who certified signatures and documents in Thailand called “Notarial Services Attorney”, which is a licensed attorney who makes the signature and documents from the Lawyers Council. Will act to certify the signature that has been signed in front of the document Or certified copies of such documents that are true documents from the original Or making other types of testimonials Including signing as a witness on such documents

Most of the time, those documents are used overseas or at a foreign embassy located in Thailand, etc.

Therefore, the duties of a Notarial Services Attorney are no different from that of a Notary Public in a foreign country.

For general lawyers who do not have a license to do signatures and documents, It is therefore not called a Notarial Services Attorney.

Scope of work of the Notarial Services Attorney
Certified true translation
Certified document signature
Certified true copy of documents
Certified private acts
Personal certification
Certify the facts
Make an affidavit
Confirm the existence of documents
Make an objection to the instrument
Prepare testimony / Affidavit Notary Public
Perform other duties as required by law.

Understanding the duties and importance of a Notary Public like this, you must find a reputable agent so that your document is complete and properly certified. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to find an accredited and trusted Notary Public. So that the document verification is correct and complete Making various transactions Abroad is fast and convenient

Notarial Services Attorney Notarial Service Attorney Translation Document Notarial Attorney Confirm the signed Certificate of documents for use in a foreign country to study abroad, certify that person is real Certified signature of director Juristic person status, position, and authority of the person who signs the document for submission to the Department Business development Ministry of Commerce, etc.

Notarized service By Notary Public Lawyer

Notary public, notary public, to be enforced in another country. Or for use in foreign countries Confirm the signature, certify the person, certify the oath To certify the affidavit of certifying the copy of documents Corporate directors, private companies, as well as business document certification And investment abroad

Notarized for enforcement in another country For use abroad
Certificate of application certification To study abroad Affidavit of Support / Sponsor Notarization
A certified true copy of the document
Certificate of Financial Status Statement Notarization
Certified true translation Translate documents Certified True Translation
Confirm the signature to certify person, director, juristic person, limited company, a public company, Signature Notarization and Legalization
Certified Facts Marine Protest Notary Public
Confirm the existence of the document
Confirm the signature to certify the person, the juristic person director Limited Liability Company, Public Limited Company, Signature Notarization, and Legalization
Certification Oath Applicant Declaration
Certification Declaration Notary Public
To certify the signature of directors of limited companies, public limited companies To submit to the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce
If you need a notarization service by a lawyer, you can contact us for more information. Translation of visa documents Translate legal documents Translation of contract documents Translate research papers Attorney certified documents Translation of documents submitted to the embassy Translation of official documents Notary certification service and all other languages, guaranteed professional translators

Attorney certified documents
Translation of contract documents
Translate research papers
Translate legal documents
Translation of consular documents
Translation of official documents
Translate academic document

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