Notarial Services Attorney

Notary Services Attorney

The Notary Services Attorney is the person who serves to certify the signature that is signed on the fdocument or certifying such documents as true documents from the original, or making other types of representations, including signing as witnesses on such documents Most of the time, those documents are used abroad. Or a foreign embassy located in Thailand

But for a foreigner, he must understand and be familiar with the person who acts as a Notary Public very well, but may not know that in Thailand there are people who act like Notary Public? And who is it?

Nowadays Thailand has a Notary Public who is an attorney who is licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand only. These so-called Notarial services Attorneys are found at most law firms, and that attorney must be authorized to perform a notarial, signature, and another license from the Lawyers Council. Therefore it is known as a Notarial Services Attorney with the same authority as a Notary Public.

Nowadays In 2003, the Lawyers Council of Thailand established a requirement on the registration as a lawyer who made certifications and signatures and documents and opened training courses for certifying signatures and documents to Attorneys who wish to perform the above duties and issue licenses to attorneys who have passed the course in case you wish to endorse or certify copies of documents or certify facts in the event.

Certification model (Notarization) according to the requirements of the Lawyers Council of Thailand, there are many forms as follows

  • Verify the signature on the document
  • Certification of legal acts made by the private sector
  • Certification of document translation
  • Certification of fact
  • Verified copy of a document
  • Confirm the existence of the document
  • Make an oath
  • Prepare testimony memos
  • Make an objection to the instrument
  • Personal certification
  • Perform other duties as required by law

Therefore, as you, as a Thai national or a foreigner, wishes to make an endorsement, signature, or to certify documents or make other certifications to bring those documents or copies of documents for use abroad or In Thailand is good, Therefore, the lawyers who are licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand should be considered to certify, sign and certify copies of documents only This ensures that the signature and notarization of those documents are correct and you can use them for legal reference, and documents certified by notarial services attorneys will be accepted all over the world.

The price for the signature certification service and the aforementioned documents or representations are fair and reasonable.

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