Notarial Services EP6 Notarizing a Juristic Person’s Status

Notarial Services EP6 Notarizing a Juristic Person’s Status, the Authority, and the Signature of an Authorized Committee Member

Generally, documents with information about the status of a juristic person and the authority of a representative who is authorized to act on behalf of the juristic person are owned by a government department but they are public documents that can be accessed on request.

The attorneys are professionals who can verify these public documents, so a notary can use their knowledge and experience to verify a public document. In such a case, when a notary has verified one, they will also be able to certify the correctness of the content in that document.

To notarize a juristic person’s status, the authority, or the signature of an authorized committee member, a notary must check the information in a public document thoroughly according to the present time. When they have finished checking it, they can notarize it.

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