Notarial Services EP4 Notarized Copy

Notarial Services EP4 Notarized Copy

A notarized copy is made when a notary notarizes a copy of a document to show that they have verified that the copy matches the original document. In this type of notarial act, a notary does not certify whether the content in the document is correct or not or whether the original document has been legally produced.

Take the following situation as an example. A person appears before a notary to show them a testament in order to request a notarized copy from them. Then, the notary checks whether the testament is an actual testament and whether the copy matches the original testament.

After that, the notary notarizes the copy to certify that it correctly matches the original testament without verifying whether the person who appears in front of him is the testator.

Therefore, that person could either be the testator or not. And since a notary does not notarize the signature in a testament to certify that it is the testator’s signature or that the testament has been legally produced, they do not certify the correctness of testators’ signatures.

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